About Grandview Clydesdales


Grandview Clydesdales, founded in 1980, has become one of the largest Clydesdale breeding organizations in the United States or Canada. Each year, Grandview Clydesdales raises about 20 new, young horses, and the farm cares for around 50 animals on a daily basis. As one of the premier Clydesdale breeders in the country, the company participates in numerous horse shows and events where they have bought and sold 500+ horses.

Horses at Grandview Clydesdales are treated with respect. The company hires the services of professional farriers to regularly maintain the hooves of the horses. An animal health technologist is at the farm 24/7 and an equine chiropractic specialist also makes regular visits to the farm to care for the animals.

Hay provided for the horses at Grandview is grown on a company-owned farm in Indiana. Grandview Clydesdales had a nutritionist from Kent Feeds specially design a feed that Grandview feeds to its Clydesdales.


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